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How does Citiscape Landscape design contribute to the development of healthy, happy cities and improve urban communities' quality of life?

Our Design team thrives on creating a beautiful environment that helps decrease stress levels and encourages physical activity, by engaging more closely with landscapes is proven good for our physical and mental health and well-being as individuals.

Focusing on creating attractive and accessible landscapes to invite and encourage physical activity. It can also provide an escape from the pace of modern life and give us insights into the past and the culture.

Also, we work on reducing overcrowding and pollution by adopting eco-friendly materials and green buffering.

Plus, effective urban planning ensures that education, work, and recreation opportunities are created and catered for in our cities and creates a brighter future for the communities in them.

Protection of the environment and sustainable development are key topics that receive significant attention from the UAE Government. As Citiscape's General Manager, how do you consider these concerns when implementing the company's projects?

Citiscape has invested historically in Quality and sustainability-driven by its cultural values and stimulated by the growing focus of the UAE on the responsible evolution associating growth and modernization with sustainability and ecological responsibility. This has always been a major asset to differentiate from the competition. Our certified skilled Safety Team has elaborated and implemented an Environmental Management Policy and Plan recognized and approved by all our public (ADM, DMT, DM…) and private (Aldar, EEMAR, MIRAL…).

The development and implementation of these tools ensure that all our operations comply with Laws and regulations and are in complete alignment with environmental authorities and agencies’ parameters (EAD, DMED…). By integrating landscape architects in the early stages of urban planning, we can ensure that our projects adhere to environmentally-conscious practices, including preventing pollution and minimizing negative environmental impacts. Additionally, we can secure the potential benefits associated with high environmental performance, such as effective waste and resource management, noise control, air and water quality control, and spill response procedures. This will not only improve the overall environmental performance of our projects but also ensure that they are practical and sustainable.

To ensure the proper implementation of these policies, challenging KPIs are set for our teams, providing a dual stainable impact since, in addition to its environmentally friendly impact, it provides an opportunity for cost saving through effective material, resources and operations management.

The role of a construction firm is not limited to efficient project execution. True success is measured by how effective the project is in the long run and the multifaceted values offered to all related stakeholders, starting from the organization, the industry, and the whole nation.

What are the upcoming landscaping trends in UAE?

Like any other urban development field, the landscaping sector is affected by a global design and architectural trends. Being a core element in the most natural and human-designed spaces, interfacing landscape designs with the themes and the values of these elements is inevitable.

Below are some of the recent prevailing trends in the market, where innovation and sustainability are still playing a major role in setting the tone.

  1. Revolutionizing hotel and resort landscaping to create the link between the new models of services and offerings, innovation, and sustainability.
  2. Vertical Gardening: Green walls and vertical gardens on buildings are trending due to their increasing greenery space effect. As part of the Green Buildings trend reclaimed to reduce pollution in Megacities.
  3. Focus on Immersive Gardens by using natural and landscaping materials that mostly have neutral colors and rich raw textures to highlight the true beauty of the imperfect look and provide a smooth integration between engineered and natural elements.
  4. Low Carbon Landscaping: It is all about incorporating and growing local plant varieties and investing time and effort into growing herbs, veggies, and fruit in gardens to reduce carbon footprint.
  5. Using Drought-Tolerant and native Plants: due to Climate-change- and environmentally conscious government in order to reduce the consumption of water
  6. Recycled and Reclaimed Materials in Gardens: The theme for future landscaping trends revolves around eco-conscious materials and designs. Where for example, incorporating Metals and other recycled elements are becoming a big trend, whether that is in shade structures, artistic panels, water features, planter boxes and more.
  7. Bringing Water into the Garden:  to add both visual and climate effects to the open spaces.

With the population in cities rising, landscape architects play an integral role in reimagining nature and developing connected, sustainable cities. How can landscape architects have the power to regulate urban expansion while controlling environmental degradation?

Initially, the landscape architect’s role was vital in solving environmental problems, but recently, the role has been evolving, and the industry is moving from problem-solving to problem prevention.

As a landscape architect, it is essential to be involved in the early stages of urban planning to effectively contribute to developing the project concept and ensure alignment with environmental guidelines. By participating in the definition phase, landscape architects can positively impact the surrounding environment and play a key role in shaping the project’s direction.

Architects can promote environmental awareness through the process of designing with a conscious awareness of a place. An architectural work can also benefit sustainability practices and conservation efforts and create beautiful, spiritual places.

Landscape architects can prevent potential losses by designing more drought-resistant communities. Some ways to do so include creating local water management plans and designing natural systems that help communities decrease water usage.

Architects’ role is basically preserving, improving, and creating a quality-built environment under definite conditions.

About Eng. Talal Allam

A seasoned construction and Landscaping professional with 23 years of experience in organizational and operational leadership roles in the Middle East and Gulf Region.

Goal-oriented with a sustainable growth mindset cultivates trust and promotes diversity and inclusion within the organization. Promotes communication, team development and effective problem-solving.

Before being appointed General Manager of Citiscape LLC, I served as Operations Director for eight years. I collaborated with the Group and Company teams to revitalize the Citiscape brand and optimize its operations. This effort successfully repositioned the company as a leading player in the national market, allowing us to complete numerous high-profile projects and rebuild relationships with key clients.

In 2008, I was recruited as a Project Manager in National Holding – UAE as part of Bloom Properties Project development and Execution team, where I had the opportunity to lead and contribute to the execution of several Benchmark Construction Projects across the UAE.

In Lebanon, back in 1998, I worked for three years in Exotica SAL, the national market leader in the landscaping sector, in the function of Project Manager. In 2002, I established my own business (POINT VERT SAL). I conducted a successful growth journey until the degradation of Lebanon’s political and economic situation in 2007 when I decided to move to the UAE.

I graduated in 1997 with a Master’s Degree in Engineering and am currently completing an Executive Master of Business Administration, due in May 2023.

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Streetscape Yas Island

Streetscape is a vast area of 950,000m2. It is a 17 kilometer road project in Yas Island Development which includes hard and soft landscaping, irrigation and electromechanical works. Our scope of work also included the installation of fountains, bike paths, median & flexi glass fences, decorative asphalt and supply of outdoor furniture (benches, bins and signage).

Fairmont Hotel Serviced Hotel & Apartment

The Fairmont Hotel and Serviced Apartments is located in the main zone of Abu Dhabi breakwater occupying an overall area of approximately 155,000 sqm. with an extensive water frontage. Citiscape’s scope of work is development, supply and installation of landscaping, hardscape, irrigation and electromechanical work.

KSA – King Abdullah Financial District

KAFD is the first financial district on a scale and the biggest landscaping work in the Middle East. Citiscape executed the development and construction of landscaping, irrigation, hardscape, water features, retaining and cladding works. All outdoor electromechanical works including escalators and elevators are part of Citiscape works.


Citiscape group have performed the supply, construction of landscaping, irrigation, hardscape, shade structures and water feature works of:

  • Lusail Development
  • W-Doha Hotel
  • Hyatt Plaza
  • Al Rayyan Sports Club
  • Guest Palace


Citiscape performed the supply, design and construction of landscaping, irrigation, hardscape and electromechanical works of several UAE Private Villas including VVIP Villas.


Citiscape performed the operation, development and maintenance of public parks and horticulture in Al Ain City and the Eastern Region of the Emirate for the Sectors of Markhania (C1) and Manaseer(C4) areas. Citiscape performed the operation, development and maintenance of public gardens and horticulture in Al Ain City and the Eastern Region of the Emirate.


Shoreline apartments are located on the Trunk of the Palm along the main road going towards Palm’s crescent. It is the premier high-rise residential project of Palm Jumeirah, designed exclusively to out shine all other residential propositions of the city. The project consists of four blocks, featuring a host of exclusive amenities including health clubs, large swimming pools, playgroundsand restaurants. Citiscape performed the supply, installation and construction of landscaping, hardscape, irrigation, water features, shade structures works and outdoor playground equipment.


The stadium is 45,000sqm. It is located in Al Ain City. It has 25,000 seats split over seven levels, and will be hailed as one of the most modern unique sporting venues in the Middle East. It is one of the most sophisticated sports venues in the region. Citiscape executed the design, development, supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of landscaping, irrigation, hardscape, retaining walls, bus shelter works and outdoor furniture in accordance with ESTIDAMA requirements.


Al Garhoud Park is a commercial and residential locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Citiscape performed the development, construction and maintenance of irrigation, electrical, soft & hard landscaping, shade structure works as well as supply of all outdoor furniture. This park was voted to be the best park in Dubai.


Al Furjan is the new residential development near Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates. Nakheel is the master developer of this project. Al Furjan development comprises 4,000 houses, apartments, hotels and commercial & mixed use plots. Citiscape completed the supply and installation of soft & hard landscaping, irrigation, electrical and water features work.


Meydan is not just a racecourse. It is a destination with its Hotel and mixed use commercial facilities all combined into one world- class structure that includes a 1 mile long grandstand: able to accommodate over 60,000 spectators. Citiscape executed the landscaping, irrigation works of the track including the hotel roof top.


Gate District is an integral part of the landmark Shams Abu Dhabi development on Al Reem Island, where architecture made history by its four towers and The Arc. The gate district integrates luxury high-rise residential units, contemporary office environments, unique shopping experiences, and world-class hotel accommodation – all seamlessly blended into a complete living experience. Citiscape performed the supply, installation and development of landscaping, hardscape, irrigation, lighting, water features and outdoor furniture work on ground level and roof top. 


Citiscape has fully completed the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of landscaping and irrigation works with all vertical landscaping works (i.e green walls) for Hakkasan Restaurant at Jumeirah Emirates Tower.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis is the first resort constructed on Dubai’s new iconic man-made island, “The Palm Dubai”, in the United Arab Emirates. The underwater-themed resort based on the myth of Atlantis, includes distinct Arabian elements. The landscaped ground around this 5 Star Hotel and Water and Theme Park Complex covers over 10 hectares of beautiful tropical themed gardens with meandering pathways and shade structures installed & executed by the Citiscape Group.


Citiscape created the calming scenery of the Zabeel Palace. Our work includes the supply and installation of landscaping, irrigation, lakes, bridges, water features, lighting, jogging tracks and shade structure work.


More than just one of the world’s most advanced Grand prix venues. Yas Marina circuit is a unique combination of timeless tradition, striking innovation & luxury. The lawn and landscape area of formula 1 is more than 400,000m2. Citiscape performed the supply, installation and construction of soft landscaping and irrigation work. The decorative asphalt is executed by Citicrete.


The new Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi is a landmark project. The Palace is utilized to house the offices of H.H. The President, H.H. The Vice President, H.H. The Crown Prince, and the Ministers. The facility will serve an important role as the primary governmental facility for receiving visiting dignitaries. The location of the new Presidential Palace is Ras al Akhdar peninsula adjacent to the Emirates Palace Hotel. The development encompasses approximately 150 hectares, and includes the Palace and the required ancillary buildings. The Palace will exceed 160,000m2 of built area. Citiscape scope of activities is approximately 500,000m2 green areas of landscaping and irrigation works.


The water park is located adjacent to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on Yas Island and is an integral part of the island’s entertainment. The project was developed by ALDAR Properties. Citiscape completed the supply, installation, construction and maintenance of the soft & hard landscaping and irrigation work.

The Ritz Carlton

This well-known five star luxury hotel is located at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque area, on the Maqta channel. The Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Resort is one of the largest hotels in the UAE. It has the largest luxury rooms and a unique swimming pool built on a beach and piazza style retail and eating complex. Citiscape performed the supply, development, and installation of hard and soft landscaping, irrigation, shade structure (steel & wood works) and water features work. The hotel is famous for its entrance that is paved by Citiscape with cobble granite stones.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Client: Masri Engineering & Contracting Est.

Location: Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and the eight largest mosques in the world. This is one of the most important architectural treasures in the UAE and one of the most luxurious ones in the world. Citiscape performed the supply, installation, construction and maintenance of hardscape, landscaping, irrigation, lighting, CCTV, sewage & storm water networks, jogging tracks and site furniture works in Phases one and two. 


Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel in the United Arab Emirates is a project developed by ADNH (Abu Dhabi National Hotel). Citiscape created the captivating beauty of landscaping, hardscape, electromechanical, shade structures, and artificial rock works seen within the hotel’s range, including the infinity Olympic swimming pool, lighted stairs, and entrance.


Al Raha Beach Development was developed by Aldar Properties. Citiscape executed the marine coping works along all the shoreline and have fabricated and installed the aluminum balustrade along the 12 kilometer Project. Our scope of work was hardscape, irrigation, marine work and stainless steel fixtures. Citiscape also built all the retaining walls fabricated by crocrock concrete work company.


Marasy, Arabic for Harbour, is a luxurious waterfront residential apartment development in the Al Bateen harbor in Abu Dhabi. The residential project delivers the best of contemporary design in elegantly glazed buildings. Citiscape completed the landscaping, irrigation, hardscape, water features, shade structure and balustrade work along the waterfront.


Presidential Flight Entrance is a distinctive passageway located on the West side of the existing Abu Dhabi International Airport to receive incoming and outgoing VVIP’s from all over the world. Citiscape performed the design, supply, installation and maintenance of irrigation, landscape and unique water features works.

Qasr Al Sarab

This project is located in the Hameen area in the Liwa Desert empty quarter near the Saudi border. It was a challenging job to work against all natural conditions with a very tough environment and hard weather conditions. Our scope of work was landscape, irrigation, hardscape, shade structure and water features.


Cast away in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf Sea, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan is the first property in Abu Dhabi under Rayhaan Hotels & Resorts by Rotana brand. Citiscape developed the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of landscaping and irrigation works including the operations and maintenance.


The Aldar headquarters building is the first circular building of its kind in the Middle East. The distinctive building was voted the “Best Futuristic Design” by The Building Exchange (BEX) Conference held in Spain. The shape of this building is achieved through the use of structural diagrid, a diagonal grid of steel. Citiscape completed the provision of supply and installation of external soft and hard landscaping, irrigation and water feature work. We have also executed 3,000 linear meters of stainless steel railings with tempered glass in the area.


Ferrari World is the first Ferrari themed amusement park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The central complex is situated under a 200,000m2 roof making it the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Our scope of works consists of supply and installation of soft and hard landscaping, indoor natural & artificial plants, irrigation and electrical works including the execution of stairs and Gabion Walls.


Citiscape group have performed the supply, installation and construction of landscaping, irrigation, hardscape, shade structures and water feature works of:

  • King Abdullah Road
  • King Abdul Aziz Intersection
  • Ministry of Interior Riyadh